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New Generation Field Unit, Expanding the IRRInet Control System


Today, more than ever, water and irrigation applications depend on reliable control systems and well timed access to information. When absolute control is crucial, you can rely on Motorola's IRRInet control system.


As a full featured part of the IRRInet control system, IRRInet-ACE is a modular field unit with a power supply, CPU, and up to eight I/O modules.

The modular design allows for greater installation flexibility with support for 3rd party sensors as well as multiple communications options including broadband data over IP, various radio frequencies, cellular and an assortment of wire line options. This level of flexibility makes it suitable for new installations and easily migrates into existing IRRInet systems. 

With its Distributed I/O System (DIOS) connectivity, the IRRInet-ACE can activate Piccolo-XR units in multiple configurations. On site programming is supported by pocket PC connectivity. 

Pocket PC


IRRInet-ACE can also be ordered as a solar powered unit making remote or unincorporated locations available to the entire system.

Solar Installation

Connect the WeatherCon weather station to any IRRInet-ACE in your system to allow real-time weather information to auto-adjust any controllers you wish at the system, area, main line, or crop type levels.

WeatherCon Weather Station

IRRInet-ACE is a great choice for landscapes, agriculture, and water distribution systems.

Each IRRInet-ACE supports ---

500 Outputs ( local plus remote), 500 Inputs (local plus remote), 250 Main Lines (local plus remote), 400 Programs (local plus remote), 400 Groups (local plus remote), 50 Virtual Flow Meters (local plus remote), 50 Fertilizer Pumps (local plus remote), and 100 Remote I/O Units (IRRInet-Ms programmed as slave units).