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Small Remote I/O for IRRInet-ACE and IRRInet-M


Piccolo-XR is a small radio controlled remote I/O device designed to extend the reach of IRRInet-ACE and IRRInet-M.

Operating from a 6 volt DC power source and a small solar panel, Piccolo-XR can be ordered in one of 5 models:

--- 1 output   + 1 input
--- 2 outputs + 2 inputs
--- 4 outputs + 4 inputs 
--- 1 output   + 7 inputs
--- 8 inputs

Using a Piccolo-XR Interface Unit (PIU) connected to an IRRInet-ACE or IRRInet-M, any combination of Piccolo-XRs can be controlled up to 248 inputs and 248 outputs.

Basic Dimensions --- H 5.0" X W 4.6" X D 1.63"


If distance or obstructions are a problem, Piccolo-XRs can relay information from unit to unit with a maximum of 3 communications "hops" to reach the IRRInet-ACE or IRRInet-M field controller. 

Piccolo-XR is perfect for connecting distant landscape points of connection, master valves, flow meters, and booster pumps that are otherwise too difficult or expensive to connect to the local controller at the site.


Piccolo-XR is ideal for automating vineyards, hybrid seed facilities, large nurseries, or any agricultural site in need of precision irrigation, fertilizer injection control, and\or automatic filter flushing. Controlling the level of a water tank is an excellent application for Piccolo-XR. Piccolo-XR can also be considered a "portable" I/O device since there are no wires connecting the units to the IRRInet-ACE or IRRInet-M. This is handy at locations where the control points move with the seasons or inventory levels.