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WeatherCon --- Using the Industry Standard Davis Instruments VantagePro2 Weather Station.


SeaCon International, Motorola, and Davis Instruments have teamed up to create an exciting new weather station option for the Motorola family of control systems.

WeatherCon takes your ICC-based IRRInet system to the next level by incorporating an economical and reliable weather station to perform ET-based adjustments. 

Send weather information from your field or facilities to anywhere in the world utilizing Motorola's water management control system with radio or IP capability.

Connect the WeatherCon weather station to any IRRInet-ACE in your system to allow real-time weather information to adjust the controllers you wish at the system, area, main line, or crop type levels.


Weather Reporting
--- Barometer and Forcast
--- Humidity and Dew Point
--- Rainfall
--- Solar and UV Radiation
--- Temperature
--- Wind
--- Evaporative Tranpiration (ET)

In addition to automatic ET adjustments, individual WeatherCon sensors can be used with ICCs powerful IF/THEN COMMANDS feature to callout custom weather related actions automatically.

The WeatherCon station can also communicate wirelessly to remote soil moisture sensing devices as an add-on feature at any time.