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Programmable Keypad for On-Demand Tasks

One Controller to Perform the Multiple Tasks Required at any Site. 

Unique to all Motorola controllers is the ability to use a wide variety of non-Motorola devices for on-demand feature activation, environmental sensing, and device sensor measurements. All Motorola controllers can multitask. In a nutshell this means in addition to performing all the irrigation requirements at a site, Motorola controllers can also simultaneously control:    

Output Switchboard with Programmable Pushbutton

Sports Field Lighting --- Synthetic Sports Field Cooling Guns

Automated Bathroom Locks --- Water Flow Meters

Fertilizer Flow Meters --- Pressure Differential Switches 

Automated Filter Flushing --- Water Features

Intrusion Sensors --- Gate Locks 

"One touch" valve check programs --- Reservoir Level and Tank Fill Monitoring

Automated Bathroom Doorlocks

Increase your return on investment by using one controller communicating to one central software package to accomplish all the control requirements needed at any given site.


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