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Motorola Irrigation and Resource Management Control Systems


Serving customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Central Control Systems, Ltd. (CCS) has become one of the premier providers of Motorola irrigation and resource management control systems. Whether you are interested in ET based irrigation for parks and landscapes or precision irrigation control for agriculture, CCS and Motorola can provide you with a dependable system backed by the world leader in communications and control technology.  




For over 30 years Motorola has been developing and improving on irrigation and resource management control systems. 2008 marks the release of IRRInet-ACE and IRRInet-M, two state of the art controllers designed to meet all irrigation requirements required at any site with the flexibility to multitask into other areas of control. "On demand" activation of sports field lighting, synthetic sports field cooling and park water features plus programmable inputs for flow meters, intrusion, pressure, and soil moisture sensors are standard features with IRRInet-ACE and IRRInet-M. Using Piccolo-XR units, hard to reach locations difficult or costly to wire to can be easily connected to the IRRInet-ACE or IRRInet-M via the Distributed I/O System (DIOS) communications network, simplifying difficult designs and making retrofits a snap. All control features are included with IRRInet-ACE and IRRInet-M right out of the box giving you the power you need now and the flexibility to put your future ideas in motion.